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Winner’s  In - C                  “Where our clients are the Winners”

Thomas   Hudson    “Mr History” 

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Renovation of Historic and Residential  Properties &   Handyman Services    

                    (253)     973 – 3700

         We are licensed, bonded and insured.                    

              Lic.# WINNE**906QR

No Better Company for Your Real Estate Improvement Needs

Your personal contractor.  

Just give us a call and let us walk you through your project.  No project to small or to big.  We can provide creative financing solutions.   40 years of Real Estate property maintenance solutions.

List of Services

Emergence services         Interior/Exterior Repair

Plumbing/Electrical Repairs        Remodeling services

Interior/Exterior Painting            Water /Smoke/Pest Damage

Completing lender required work               Consultation and job supervision 




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